Strategic Partnerships are the new face of business in the design sector. By combining different offices and individuals who share in a synergistic relationship, projects are completed by highly specialized teams focused on beautiful and effective results. The so called ‘fat’ is trimmed out of the process, leaving you only with the expertise you need depending on your project type. studioJDK is proud to be a part of the following partnerships:


PLACE Alliance

At PLACE Alliance, we help you imagine and create great places. We design the beautiful, the distinct, and the unique. And we do so in collaboration with you throughout the entire design process. PLACE Alliance is not a conventional architecture or planning firm. We are a community of individual designers and specially focused studios dedicated to continuing the craft of place-making. The team for your project is specifically assembled to meet your needs. By selecting designers from within our network,  PLACE Alliance offers you a full range of planning and design services with unmatched depth and quality.

Our goal is to transform your ideas into action and your vision into a unique and enduring place.


Digital Studio

studioJDK and noted designer/urbanist Michael Morrissey have teamed up to form Digital Studio. The collaboration focuses on project visioning, urban planning and placemaking for large scale developments world-wide that include sports, entertainment, retail and high-density residential uses.